Custom Fonts

Learn more about commissioning a custom typeface for your business or organisation

The Advantages of a Custom Typeface

Complete User Control

No usage limits based on the size of your team, with the added ability to share with external design, marketing, and other teams.

No Usage Limits

No limits on monthly webpage views, and no recurring costs for use on apps.

Bespoke and Unique

Drawn specially for your business and organisation, you will have a type family will be completely unique.

Embodies your Brand Guidelines and Values

Your brand values, tone of voice, and character will shape the design of the type family so your typeface becomes another tool to communicate who you are.

Features Tailored to Your Needs

Specific language needs can be included, as well as accessibility features – and more!

Webfonts Included as Standard

We supply .woff and .woff2 fonts as standard with all of our custom type families.

Be Involved with the Creation Process

We work with your stakeholders and teams to design and create our type families.

You Own It, Forever

Once the font files are provided, they are yours, forever. No expiry date, and no contract negotiations.

Ongoing Support

Options for ongoing support to add glyphs and features when needed.

Looking for a custom typeface for your business?

Stand out from the crowd with a custom typeface unique to your business.

We can create custom type families that align with your brand vision and business needs, including language support, features and much more.

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