Concept: Spurn Point Foundation

A brand example using our typeface, Thorngumbald.

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Thorngumbald is designed to not only be legible and aid with reading, but a great choice when you need a typeface that makes a user take notice.

The idea behind this concept was to place an environmental charity as a disruptor, aiming to highlight and raise public awareness of coastal erosion and its impact on local communities and wildlife. By using a typeface that breaks from normal design conventions – that good design should be invisible – users notice something different: that this organisation is unique andchallenging accepted norms and practice.

Combined with blue and yellow, the brand builds a strong association with the sea, and by bringing in the stripes inspired by those seen on lifeboats, the visual language communicates the organisation's mission to save the coast through strong, existing associations.

You can learn more about Thorngumbald here.

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