Introducing Thorngumbald: A Legible and Stylish Sans Serif Typeface

Thorngumbald is designed to offer accessibility and a unique flair.

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Thorngumbald is a sans serif typeface designed with a large X-height to provide clarity at both text and display sizes, as well as unique character glyphs to help differentiate different letterforms from one another.

Featuring four weights and a range of OpenType features such as ligatures, discretionary ligatures, old style figures, tabular figures, and more – as well as a Latin S character set – Thorngumbald is a great choice for organisations looking for a brand typeface that provides better accessibility, as well as being a solid typeface for designers that want something a little different.

Accessibility has long been a driving force behind my practice as a designer, and I've known ever since I started designing typefaces that I wanted to create something that offers greater legibility than many typefaces that are often used by charities and other organisations that rely on greater levels of accessibility for their users. I hope that this typeface can be useful for designers and users that require a font with legibility features – without sacrificing style.


You can learn more about Thorngumbald and purchase the family, here.

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