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There are many resources that we like to use while designing our typefaces, many of which we return to time and time again – so we thought we'd share them with you. There's a wide range of resource types from diacritics and language support, to typeface testing and proofing. Hopefully these resources help if you're looking to design your own typefaces.


This post will be updated regularly with new resources and tools. If you'd like to submit any resources, please contact us.

Type Design Tools

Andre Fuch's Relevant Kerning Pairs – Link

Context of Diacritics – Link

Diacritics Club Family Stem Weight Calculator – Link

Diacritics Project – Link

Graphemica – Link

Hoefler&Co Text for Proofing – Link

Hyperglot – Link

Idiotproofed – Link

Just Another Foundry Text Generator – Link

Christoph Koeberlin's Latin Character Sets – Link

Typeface Name Checker – Link

Vietnamese Typography: Diacritical Details – Link

Articles and Inspiration

Should we standardize the naming of font weights? [Typography Guru] – Link

Font Matrix – See & Pair Typefaces Like Never Before – Link

Typewolf – Link

Type01 – Link


Designing Type (by Karen Cheng) – Link

Manual of Diacritics (by Radek Sidun) – Link

Stop Stealing Sheep & Find Out How Type Works (by Erik Spiekermann)

The Anatomy of Type A Graphic Guide to 100 Typefaces (by Stephen Coles) – Link

The Elements of Typographic Style (by Robert Bringhurst) – Link

Thinking with Type (by Ellen Lupton) – Link

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