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Helvetica, Montserrat, Futura, Gill Sans, and many others. You know them – you've seen them. Some typefaces are everywhere. Yes, they're well designed, drawn, and available in many styles – and iconic for many reasons – but there's also a world of amazing, wonderful, and unique type families out there perfect for your brand or project. In this article, we'll list our favourite places to buy typefaces – if for some reason you're not buying one of ours (ahem)...

We'll be updating this post over time, so if you find it useful, please come back every now and again and we should have new designers and foundries on the list.


Atipo Foundry – Link

Blaze Type – Link

Colophon Foundry – Link

Displaay Foundry – Link

Fontspring – Link

Good Type Foundry – Link

Grilli Type – Link

Just Another Foundry – Link

Klim Type Foundry – Link

Pangram Pangram – Link

Type Department – Link

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