Produce a unique typeface that perfectly represents your brand, without being limited by standard font licenses

The Advantages of a Custom Typeface

Unique to Your Brand

A custom typeface will not be used by anyone else, anywhere. This means your typeface becomes another bespoke element of your branding.

No Hidden License Costs

The cost of commissioning a typeface is based on the size of your organisation and the project's future value, with a one-time fee that covers everywhere you might want to use the fonts.

No User Restrictions

We won't stop you from sharing font files with all your staff and freelancers, so you don't have to worry about getting in trouble for exceeding user limits.

Language Sets Tailored to Your Needs

We use an extended Latin character set as standard, but will include additional languages if you need them.

OpenType and Web Fonts as Standard

We will provide our typefaces in OTF, WOFF and WOFF2 formats. We can also provide TTF format files if required.

Future Support

If you ever need new features added to a font we've created together, we're here to help.

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