Independent type foundry based in Yorkshire

Fettle Foundry is a small team based in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

We design affordable and feature-rich typefaces for individuals and organisations.

Each family is built on a foundation of experience working within design agencies on brand and digital design projects.

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Sans Serif
10 Styles
Rodley is a ground-up redrawing of Bairne – the first ever typeface from Fettle Foundry – with a completely new character set that closer resembles the original vision for the typeface. The changes have been so substantial that Rodley has taken on a life of its own, becoming a brand new typeface.
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Roadmap 2020

A Roadmap for 2022

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Spurn Point Foundation Logo

Concept: Spurn Point Foundation

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Our Favourite Type Designers, Foundries and Vendors

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Introducing Thorngumbald: A Legible and Stylish Sans Serif Typeface

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Looking for a custom typeface for your business?

Stand out from the crowd with a custom typeface unique to your business.

We can create custom type families that align with your brand vision and business needs, including language support, features and much more.

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