Humber is a rational sans serif typeface designed for use at text and display sizes

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347 Languages Supported.
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14 weights, including Roman and Italics.
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Designed by Thom Milson.

Humber is a rational sans serif typeface designed with a large X-height to provide clarity at both text and display sizes – with subtle features that really shine at larger sizes.

Featuring seven weights and matching italics, discretionary ligatures, lining, old-style, and tabular figures, and conditional kerning for accented characters, Humber is truly versatile.

With over 654 glyphs, Humber supports over 339 latin-based languages.

Inspired by 20th century typefaces and modern European designs, Humber is suitable for a wide range of projects and audiences looking for a typeface that feels professional – without being overly familiar.

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