Thorngumbald is a san-serif typeface with unique character glyphs to enhance legibility

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Designed by Thom Milson.

Thorngumbald is a playful sans-serif typeface designed to merge fun and legibility, reducing similarities between certain letters and increasing readability for people with impaired vision.

Thorngumbald was designed with a large X-height to maximise the negative space of the lowercase characters, making character shapes more distinct at smaller sizes, such as body copy.

Accessibility has long been a driving force behind my practice as a designer, and I've known ever since I started designing typefaces that I wanted to create something that offers greater legibility than many typefaces that are often used by charities and other organisations aiming for greater levels of accessibility for their users.

Language support was also a focus from the start, using a Latin-S character set as the starting point and adding additional glyphs to include even more Latin-based languages.

I hope that this typeface can be useful for designers and users that require a font with legibility features – without sacrificing style.

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